Header Pick Up

HI penguins!!

This is the page to pick up your headers. Now to get them you need 60 and 100 points. Me and Incubus7 are going to be making the headers. to order one CLICK HERE.


Cat03’s Header
Clipy’s Header
Blufanader’s Header

Crazykiddo’s Header

Cheatgnome’s Header

Clanks header

Brickwalls Header

Marinekallos Header

Goalkepper’s Header

Chido’s Header

Chido’s 2nd Header

WM & BM Header

Marinekallo’s 2nd Header

Penguin’s Header

Indy’s Header

Smiley’s 2nd Header

CPIPfans’s Header

Club Puffles Header

Header Contest

Largh Around’s Header

Chidos Header

W & B 101s Header

Rals Header

Mr Fun 5

last-header1 Zerokey


21 Responses to Header Pick Up

  1. funnypenguins says:

    im still waiting…..

  2. Oreo 8000 says:

    what program do u use for ur headers

  3. funnypenguins says:

    Please Make My HEADER!!

  4. blueflames1 says:

    please make me a header please

  5. JJTT says:

    Can I get a header now????

  6. blueflames1 says:

    i am still waiting to

  7. marc30v says:

    i want my header

  8. marc30v says:

    i want my header and im still waiting

  9. GÖÂlkËÈPËR7 says:

    me too

  10. GÖÂlkËÈPËR7 says:

    that would be nobody that hasnt ordered

  11. flame363 says:

    agentkong alot of people are waiting for headers and i have a question

    what is the link to the font used in mr fun 5’s banner plz plz plz plz reply

    Agentkong101: Iknow that they are waiting but i have school too, you knowand IDK the link to the font he has.

  12. agentemo619 says:

    hey i want a header too can you make for me

  13. agentemo619 says:

    make it fits to the regulus theme

  14. splot man113 says:

    can i have a header:

    fire background
    mr fun 5’s writing saying: best club penguin cheats
    at the bottom it says: by splotman113
    then to beta tester penguins


  15. penguinboy587 says:

    can i have a header?

    tropical background
    Club Penguin Cheats
    By penguinboy587

    two green penguins with ski goggles and red lei

  16. Big Beach Jam2 says:

    Can i have a background?? Im big chill2.

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