If you have a idea for a picture tell me and you will see it here in about one week or so.Also say “heres a pic” for i can know.Thank you.
>>Waddle on Agentkong101<<







click here for bigger view




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18 Responses to Pictures

  1. Pete3421 says:

    pretty good (:
    Agent’s Comment
    thank you

  2. isccol78 says:

    cooooooool pictures! my favorite one was when the persond caught the big fishes!

  3. bilakis-bilkon says:

    hey go to the mine and go to play carts.
    press no and move your mouse to the game.a
    wagon will hit you

  4. pokesav/Hunterbug says:

    Make me to where I could post pics I make hilarious ones but Im just an editor or somthing here.

  5. mark432783 says:

    its mark432783 can i help you with your blog and you could help me

  6. Dogb6 says:

    Dude these funny pics r awesome!!!Go to k!!see ay!

  7. ipenguin560 says:


  8. 3doglove3 says:

    hey i was woundering if u could help me with my website?

  9. squadsquad says:

    is blueflames your new auther

  10. Great Pictures and Awesome Website! Keep up the good work, buddy!:)

  11. Brry3321 says:

    there are not many but i like them

  12. orngyee says:

    I like the fish one!

  13. shasto says:

    wow i never see anyone have anything like these pix b4 great job!

  14. shasto says:

    when i said lol i meant for ur pix

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