Well Im back for sure

Hey penguins,

well i promised i would come back and I  am well i am now making header just click the SHOP page then click HEADERS

Well Bye, Subscribe to my You Tube Channel


Back to this site again

Hey guys sorry i havent posted in a long time but i had things at home with school lots of homework but im back now!! I will ALWAYS post on this site from now on there will always be post on NEW , well Bye


Get My Toolbar!!!

Hey guys i have created a tool bars that has links to: Club Penguin and You Tube. If you want your site on this tool bar leave a message with the following this below:

  • Penguin Name
  • site URL

If you want your You Tube account leave me the followint things below in a comment:

  • Penguin Name
  • You Tube URL

http://chivas96cp.ourtoolbar.com/  CLICK THAT URL TO DOWNLOAD MY TOOLBAR

Rockhopper Visits And New Pin

Rockhopper comes to Club Penguin today, he has also brought us some items that are old and one item thats old.


The new pin is a Berry O’ I think it has to do with the Puffle Party last week


New WCP is changing their name to……………. You Vote!!!

Fred On iCarly

Fred from youtube will be on iCarly. If you are an iCarly fan and Fred fan. Watch this eposide with Fred. I will watch it, but i am no a fan of Fred


Win a rare penguin thats a member. He is over 1050 days old. He has every item that Club Penguin has relased all the pins all rare items. So ENTER this contest and today start off by commenting to wint this guy. His picture is below. this contest will be over when we reach 500 – 1000 comments. Thats also not the peng’s name i just put that name on cause Beta Man 101 is my friend.



  1. Comments like 1,2,3,4,5,…….
  3. NO Cheating
  4. Make an advertisement banner for this contest (POST ON YOUR SITE IF YOU HAVE A SITE)
  5. Invite friends (Youll get more points)
  6. Every comment you make is 2 points
  7. Every friend you invite is 5 points
  8. Take a picture of your invite
  9. Make a picture of how you think this penguin might look ( MS Paint, Photoshop, ETC)
  10. Last but no least have fun