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 me waving

>Hello Penguins,
  Hi penguins my name is Agentkong101 I live in California.I run this site i have a helper too he is  Clipy 102.I started to play ClubPenguin since it started. I always go to this severs Mammoth and Blizzard. I will post the new things in ClubPenguin that come out each week like new catologs,pins,new games,and more.If you have any questions e-mail me at 
agentkong101@verizon.net when its made.I will show you how i look like in ClubPenguin have alot of differnt loooks in ClubPenguin, by the way if you want to be my friend in ClubPenguin say “Hi Agentkong101” I will waddle over to you and we can talk if you have a site put it in the other websites section.

Keep Waddling Agentkong101 And Keep Helping Penguins.



14 Responses to About Me

  1. mark432783 says:

    hey agentkong you know that throne is in the wrong place great job and i help you with your site thanks rember my site is http://www.mark432783.wordpress.com


  2. ipenguin560 says:

    hey hey there is a huge contest its a commeting contest at my site http://www.ipenguin560.wordpress.com welll plz enter see ya later!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cazmoworld says:

    cool site can u add me to ur blogroll and ill add u?
    plz reply at LINK MOVED

    Agentkong101: sorry you need 5,000, but ill add you to my other wesites page when I get back from School

  4. crazykiddo96 says:

    Reply back at my site.

  5. clubjorga151 says:

    COOL SITE!!! IT ROCKS IT IS ME JORGA151 FROM THE CHAT AND VISET MY SITE http://www.clubjorga151.wordpress.com

  6. largharound says:

    thats so nice i like the part where u say: by the way if you want to be my friend in ClubPenguin say “Hi Agentkong101″ I will waddle over to you and we can talk

    that part is so sweet well done

  7. sfbke says:

    I saw agent kong at the chatbox and u won the contest and have a candystand membership,remember?I’m sfbke

    Yes, thanks

  8. squadsquad says:

    teh he!!!! i wanta be you friendd

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